Landscaping the home outdoors and indoors with a garden or lawn is every home-owner’s dream. Universal Floorings’s artificial grass carpet is a smart option to give a beautiful look to the terraces, balconies, and other spaces in your house. Our grass carpets give an exact look like fresh natural grass in your home. We are supplying sophisticate grass carpets for homes and public places in Delhi and all surrounding regions.

Universal Floorings is a reputed name in the supply of grass carpets. With less expense and maintenance, you can beautify your places with our fake grass carpets. The roll-on method makes it easy to install the grass at any time without the help of any professional.

Grass Carpet Features

Artificial grass carpets from Universal are a great replica of the real grass. It beautifully transforms your open spaces into a picturesque landscape. You can get a feel of fresh green lawn around your home with other benefits.

• Cost-effective and low maintenance
• Beautiful feel and look similar to fresh grass
• Good resistant against high traffic and heat
• Durable solution for decorative landscaping
• Do-it-yourself installation process
• Easy to install and remove

The carpets are perfect for those who are looking for a low maintenance decorative flooring. The stunning range of garden design carpets offers a great combination of soft underfoot feel and natural appearance. Due to good resistance property against heat and dirt, the grass carpets are best for outdoor or open space applications too.

Artificial grass rugs are specifically designed to meet the outdoor decoration need. The colours, shades, and easy application are the main reasons for its popularity in the modern homes. The product is manufactured from high quality fibre material with strong backing underneath. The fibrous nature of the product makes it stain free.

Why Indoor Grass Carpets Are Best Options

With the growth of modern lifestyle decors, artificial carpets started replacing the rug carpets. Wonderful inventions came in the realm of interior decoration. The concept of replica grass carpets installations gained popularity to decorate the outdoor spaces in the homes. The best thing about these carpets is that they can be easily handled as they are light weighted. Similarly, they are easy to install. Home owners find it comfy to install grass carpets instead of spending huge money for the decorators. With a very less expense, it is possible to give your outer space a wonderful natural thematic look.

Another reason of popularity of our range of grass carpet is their higher durability. As they can be vacuumed easily, they are easy to clean as well. You can use it effortlessly for up to 7-10 years. Besides homes, these are also preferred for many other places like swimming pools, restaurants, hotels, play areas, gyms, and offices. Besides outdoor spaces like terraces and yards of your homes, they are also suitable to use in rooms.

Universal Floorings supply a wide range of such carpets designed by the professionals. They are also available in different specifications, shades, textures, and sizes. Customers get a customized carpet as per the size of their area. The indoor decoration projects are truly simplified with the range of our grass carpets.

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