When it’s about the place where you run your business, a boring flooring may not help. Universal Floorings provides modern flooring solutions designed for the office and commercial environments. Available in multitudes of colours and styles, these carpet floor tiles are sure to make space look stunning. Our different types of carpet tiles serve different purposes as per your needs and priorities.

Carpet tile is an affordable option to make the room look stylish instead of choosing standard rug based carpets. The commercial buildings like shops, malls, restaurants, parlours, and saloons often face heavy traffic. The frequent and heavy traffic makes it difficult to save your flooring. The Carpet tiles are best to beautify the area as well to protect the floor.

Types of Commercial Carpet Tiles

Learn about the different types of carpet tiles offered by Universal Floorings. Understanding the features of different categories will help you to choose the best for your office or shops.

1. Boston Carpet Tiles
2. Infinity Carpet Tiles
3. Stain Proof Carpet Tiles
4. Designer Carpet Tiles

Universal Floorings offer a great range of carpet tiling in the form of tile and rolls. The number of shades and textures are enough to overwhelm you while you choose. With a large number of varieties to choose from, what you get is almost a customized style and pattern. The trendy textures and colours are most suitable for all types of commercial areas.

Key Features of our Carpet Tiles

Carpet tiles are as easy to install as fun as well durable and attractive. No matter whatever is the nature of your commercial place, they are the best solution to keep your floors intact and versatile. Carpet tiling is also a wonderful do-it-yourself solution for varied floorings. They are widely used by the commercial places and offices like retail shops, malls, kindergartens, and others.

1. Easy Installation: The best thing about the carpet tiles is their installation is quite simple. The installation takes rarely a day or less than that.

2. Variety: Carpet tiles are popular to make your flooring look fashionable and modern. A dash of style and creativity is expressed in different colours and combination of colours. The shades available ranges from very sober to vibrant colours.

3. Stain Resistant: The stain proof carpet tiles are highly resistant to stains in the case of spilt. Any normal liquid or semi liquid material does not leave mark on the carpet flooring making the area neat for the visitors.

4. Cost-Effective: Carpet tiles are far less expensive than other options. Being easy to install and light weight, they save cost on labour and transport. Without much expense, you can add freshness and vibrant colours to your showrooms or shops. These wall to wall carpets can be easily removed and replaced whenever required.

Carpet tiles are an integral part of the modern interior designing. The exciting designs and colours easily harmonize with the walls and other objects to give trendy interiors. Universal Floorings supplies a great number of flooring solutions and carpet tiles suitable for any type of commercial space.

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