Universal Floorings holds vast industry experience in catering to the need of various industrial sectors. We offer competitive epoxy industrial floorings and flooring services to the industries. The product provides the neat and pleasant appearance to the industrial spaces. Being anti-corrosive, anti-skid, and water proof, our heavy duty epoxy flooring is the best option for the industries.

Epoxy floorings offer a reliable and long lasting surface for industrial floors. The Epoxy floor coatings are applied over the floors to ensure smoothness, increased durability, and high performance. Epoxy floors are preferred for industrial premises like factories, ware houses, and others due to the higher exposure of the floor. Our turnkey flooring solution gives you complete support right from consultancy, selection, purchase, installation, and maintenance.

Advantages of Epoxy Floors for Industries

The epoxy industrial flooring has numerous advantages compared to other options. Here are the major benefits of this product.

1. Epoxy coatings give a lustrous and glossy effect on the surface. The space brightness increases due to the epoxy floor coating.
2. Epoxy floors offer a durable surface to withstand frequent and heavy traffic.
3. Installation of this kind of floor is faster as well simple.
4. They are easy to clean without the use of any cleaner or stain removers.
5. Epoxy flooring is specifically designed for the industrial premises as it gives protection against stains of oils and chemicals.
6. Once applied, it can last for more than 5 years without any need of maintenance.
7. The floor ensures extra safety with a surface that avoids slips.
8. This flooring solution is resistant to heat and fire.

The epoxy floors are considered eco-friendly solutions for the industries. They are also available in different patterns to identify different areas like walkways. The continuous surface reduces the concentration of dirt and dust and maintains cleanliness in the area.

Why Epoxy Flooring

Industrial areas are exposed to a higher amount of human traffic, heat, and chemicals. Such areas are also under the continuous impact of heavy machines and equipment. It definitely needs something stronger compared to normal household floors. Epoxy floorings are produced from a right combination of hardeners and resins. The final material is a very sturdy, resistant, and durable that they easily survive for years in the heavy traffic spaces like industries, sports facilities, and hospitals. Hence, epoxy flooring is the best industrial grade flooring solution that is easy to maintain or require nil maintenance. There are various kinds of epoxy flooring including self-levelling and anti-static epoxy flooring.

This flooring is the best option for numerous applications like hotel lobby area or a fire resistant warehouse area. All the industrial floor coating offered by Universal Floorings come with a seamless finish without any cracks and fissures. Universal Flooring’s products and installation service are backed by its excellent workforce. We are supplying high quality flooring solution at affordable prices and with great expertise to hundreds of reputed industries, homes, shops, and institutes.

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