Universal Floorings brings your dream gym flooring in exciting colours and patterns. We are serving the health and fitness industry with trendy gym rubber flooring products. Gym Floorings are the best way to protect the floor against heavy tear and wear from the heavy fitness equipment. The most suited floorings are available for smaller or bigger areas.

Rubber gym floorings ensure good protection to your floor as well to the users. Without much expense, you can make your gym flooring safe for a longer period. Besides safety, the flooring also gives a perfect look of sophistication in your gym.

Why Gym Rubber Floorings

The most popular materials used in the gym floorings are rubber and foam. Our rubber gym floorings are preferred by the reputed gyms and fitness centres for many reasons.

Here are some of the best reasons why you need rubber flooring for your gym.

1. Protection against abrasion and cracks from heavy equipment
2. Saves damage to the floors from the frictions and vibrations
3. Cost-effective solution to protect your floors
4. Ensures safety of the users by saving them from slipping and falling
5. Longer durability
6. Easy to clean and install
7. Gives resistant against dust and moisture

Rubber gym flooring has anti-slip properties which save you from slipping incidences. The floor protection is the first and foremost reason for its popularity. Heavy equipment for exercising and weight lifting are regularly used in the Gyms. The rubber flooring protects the tiles from scratches and discoloration due to the use of objects used by the gyms. The cost of repairing your real floor can be very high if not protected properly. Hence, rubber carpets for you gym are the best solutions to keep your floors intact. Our high quality floorings save your floor even from the traction of the high intensity workouts.

Key Features of Universal’s Rubber Flooring for Gyms

We are a distinguished supplier and exporter of a large variety of rubber floorings and rubber carpet tiles. The best features of our product will self-explain why we are the best solution for floorings.

• Perfect finishing
• Manufactured with fines quality rubber
• Highly weather resistant
• Soft feel
• Longer Durability
• Low maintenance
• Great absorbing qualities
• East to clean and install
• Light weighted
• Available in a wide variety of colours and patterns.

Our floorings are available in a large variety of shades to match your walls and ceilings. We also provide different patterns and textures to give a perfect modern look to the gym.

The gym flooring solutions by Universal are best to install quickly. The installation is quite simple and can be done by the end-users as well. The rubber floorings are easier to clean and wipe in the case of spilt.

We have different types including rolled rubber flooring, rubber mats and rubber tiles for gyms. Contact us to get the best flooring solution for your gyms. Our product is widely accepted in gyms, health and fitness centres, educational institutions, and sports centres as well.

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