Universal Floorings is a dedicated supplier of highest quality sports flooring. Our expert sales team suggests best sports flooring for your specific needs. We are a proud sports flooring provider for various places like basketball floors, squash area, tennis court, aerobic room, and gyms. The floor beneath the players’ feet is extremely important for safety and performance of the players. Whether you are planning to design an indoor game or gymnasium or an outdoor court, contact us to get perfect sports flooring systems.

Flooring solutions in sports field have a greater responsibility of saving players from injuries. It also has to ensure proper bouncing and seamless surface. Our products deliver high performance in the form of rubber flooring, wet area flooring, and others. The athletic surface is perfectly designed to suit your individual needs. We provide supply and installation of the multipurpose sports flooring within a specific time and budgetary requirements.

Best Sports Flooring Solutions

The surface of the sports facilities requires intense care to ensure the safety of the players. Due to frequent bouncing and hitting, the floors in the sports area require special care. The improper surface in the sports area may make the floor slipper and hence unsafe for the players. Hence, sports floors need unique flooring solution as per the individual sports. Universal flooring protects surfaces in sports areas by providing durable resilient floorings.

High Features of our Sports Floorings

We are specialized in manufacturing and installation of a wide range of floorings designed for different sorts of sports. The floorings are designed by professional experts using a superior grade of raw material. The floorings are equipped with following high features to ensure safety and higher applicability for sports.

1. Sturdiness
2. Precise finishing
3. Longer durability
4. Available in multiple colours
5. Smooth surface
6. Cushioned surface for player’s comfort
7. Excellent ball rebounding
8. Rapid installation procedure
9. Anti-slip surface to avoid injuries to players
10. Suitable for multiple sports

Universal Floorings’ sports specific flooring systems are produced from environmentally friendly and non-hazardous materials. Complete safety for the human health is considered while manufacturing and installation processes.

Types of Sports Floorings

Our range of floorings comprises floorings for the gym, basketball, volleyball, tennis, and other sports. Our range of floorings cover special flooring suitable for diverse indoor and outdoor sports as following.

• Basketball
• Table Tennis
• Squash
• Weight lifting
• Gym floorings
• Other indoor and outdoor sports

These floorings are also suitable to use in schools, parks, gyms, recreation centres, athletic clubs, ports clubs, stadiums, and training camps.

The products improve athletic performance and safety with economical prices. The floorings are engineered for supporting good foothold, accurate ball bouncing, and shock absorption. If you are looking for the best quality versatile sports floorings, we have a wide variety of options available at very competitive prices.

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