Universal Floorings offer a wide selection of laminate wooden flooring. The laminated wooden flooring adds a style and beauty to your homes and offices. It is a great way to alter the way your interior look without much hassle and expenditure.

Wooden laminated flooring is one of the friendliest options if you are eco conscious. The flooring makes you relaxed about losing the beauty and integrity of your floor. The wooden flooring is made from high quality wooden materials. They are extremely easy to install, clean and maintain.

Benefits of Laminated Wooden Flooring

Laminate flooring surface always preferred due to durability and ultimate protection. Due to multiple features like competitive price, easy installation, and stunning looks it is quite popular.

1. Strong durability
2. Resistant to staining
3. Resistant to fading
4. Water resistant
5. Protection from heavy traffic
6. Protects lustre and colour of your floor
7. Extremely easy to clean
8. Easy maintenance
9. Wide range of colours and patterns

Besides the above value adding features, laminate floorings are a great style statement for the modern decors. Our clients enjoy comfort, strength and style as they select their best colour and pattern from the wide variety.

Best Laminated Wood Looks

You will get a realistic wood look at fewer prices with our laminated wooden flooring. The wood floor is many people’s dream. However, the huge expense is not worthy always. With lesser expense, you can get a perfect wood look with our laminate flooring of wooden. While the wood gives you the strength and ease, the lamination adds style. We use latest technologies to create flooring that looks exactly similar to the real wood floor. The available colours range from maple, oak, English oak, cherry, teak, classic beach, butter scotch, coffee, amber, chestnut, and many others.

Easy Installation and Maintenance

In today’s hectic lifestyle, it is important to have a flooring that is easy to maintain. One can easily wipe out any spilt and stain without using any cleaner and detergent. They are also very easy to install. Universal Floorings are tested through different quality checks to ensure high performance and stability.

Wooden laminate is feaster to install as it comes without nails and adhesives. The quick lock and fold process of installation is a popular method.

Our laminated flooring made from wood is a solid environment-friendly surface. The layers are bonded with high density fibreboard to ensure longer shelf life and good resistant against moisture. The lamination makes the floor appear stylish with clear coating and best finishing. Our laminated wooden floors are perfect for anyone who is looking for a durable floor at attractive prices.

Universal Floorings is Delhi’s most reliable wooden flooring supplier. We carry a vision of providing perfect flooring solutions for our clients. With unfailing quality and innovation, we stand ahead than others in the industry.

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